Here is what I've been up to...
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Whats New With Allison?

Here is what I've been up to...

Goodbye 2021!

by Allison Lobel on 12/16/21

Despite a global pandemic, the past year has been filled with many fun projects and memories. In particular, shooting two feature films this summer: Paralysis and Easter, Bloody Easter. Both projects are now in post production and I look forward to seeing them completed in the coming year. Hope everyone has a very Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year!

Buried in the Backyard

by Allison Lobel on 12/17/20

I will be appearing as Detective Mary Fagan in tonight's episode of Buried in the Backyard (S3 E16). 8pm on the Oxygen Network, don't miss it!

Voyage LA

by Allison Lobel on 11/12/20

I just had an article published about me in Voyage LA. Click the link below to view it:

Now on Amazon Prime!

by Allison Lobel on 11/15/19

Fun Size Horror's Shocktale Party is now on Amazon prime and I am in three different episodes! 

-In Episode 6 you can catch me as an unexpected Cinderella in "Epilogue" 

-In Episode 5 there may be something in the house in "Spike"

-...and I had the extreme honor of playing the Bride of Screwball in Episode 2!

Please watch and share!!!!

New Commercial V.O. Demo Reel

by Allison Lobel on 01/19/19

I am very proud to share my new Commercial V.O. Demo Reel!


by Allison Lobel on 06/12/18

In the last year I have taken up writing again. I have completed one short film,  a feature horror film, and just recently, I finished a pilot with my writing partner Mandie. I also have another comedy horror film in the works. 

As far as acting goes, I had a wonderful time performing in a production of Project X at Beverly Hills Playhosue and I also just booked a role in a pilot as a receptionist. 

I am excited to see what happens with my projects and I look forward to more writing and acting jobs to come. 2018 is a good year so far!

Happy 2018!

by Allison Lobel on 01/01/18

Happy New Year! Looking back, 2017 was a great year! I starred in my first Off-Broadway show, Game of Thrones the Rock Musical. I wrote my first feature film. I also acted in numerous feature films, short films, web series, and many other projects. Looking forward to what surprises the new year brings. To start it off in a good direction, I just took brand new headshots with Joe Funk Photography. Check them out in my gallery!

Off Broadway!!!

by Allison Lobel on 09/19/17

I am very excited to be making my Off Broadway debut as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones the Rock Musical! The show runs October 10-29th at the Jerry Orbach Theater at the Theater Center in New York City! Go to or for information and tickets. Hope to see you there!

Game of Thrones the Musical!

by Allison Lobel on 03/18/17

I am currently playing Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones the Musical in West(eros) Hollywood at the Macha Theater. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones you will love this parody which follows the Season 1 plot line with wonderful jokes and original music. The show is double cast so if you want to see me, come to a Friday Night (8pm) or a Saturday Matinee (4pm) Performance.

You can buy tickets at

Sizzle Reel

by Allison Lobel on 11/22/16

A couple months ago I shot a sizzle reel for a Horror Feature Film. The film is called Payment Received, check it out!