Here is what I've been up to...
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Whats New With Allison?

Here is what I've been up to...


by Allison Lobel on 01/23/16

I just shot a student film at Cal State Northridge. I played a serial killer that murders women and dresses them up like her dolls. I had a lot of fun playing this role. You can watch it here:

Pride of Indiana

by Allison Lobel on 08/17/15

I have been cast as a lead in a Feature Film called "Pride of Indiana". It is a mockumentary much like a Christopher Guest film and and it is satirizing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The film is all improvised and I am eager to use my UCB skills. I am so excited to begin filming in September. In the meantime you can watch the trailer RIGHT HERE

O Canada!

by Allison Lobel on 07/14/15

I am now a Canadian/American dual citizen. Excited to be a working actor in Canada as well as the U.S.A. :)

New Headshots

by Allison Lobel on 06/03/15

I just took brand new headshots with The Headshot Truck and they look fantastic. Click to View

Hobbit Rap

by Allison Lobel on 04/24/15

On Monday I am going to be playing Gangster Pippin in a Hobbit Rap Video. I am very excited to be experiencing my first acting job as a hobbit as well as the first time I have ever rapped. Looking forward to sharing the finished product with everyone. I am going to be working with some pretty talented ladies...err hobbits :)

Also when I am not acting, I have been hiking weekly with my friend Shannon and she just started a blog to document our adventures. She is a fantastic writer so check it out here:

The Cowboy Kid

by Allison Lobel on 04/12/15

I just shot my first Western Film. It was so much fun shooting out in the desert and throwing on a cowboy hat. I got to work with an amazing group of film makers, actors, and stunt performers. The short is called "The Cowboy Kid" and I am so excited to share the finished product with everyone!